Breaking Banks/Futurist Podcast on Keens and Stewards, Exploiting brain bugs and more

I recently did an episode of the Breaking Banks/Futurist Podcast. We go over many topics, and I hope you will like it all, but in particular I delve into two topics I have yet to complete my writings on. The first is my model of the great tribal war between the Keens (future-loving, more secular, liberal) and the Stewards (Past defending, less secular) which the Keens will win but are being dicks about.

Another segment is about using a moral theory that declares it wrong to exploit bugs in the human psyche as a solution to our new world of manipulative propaganda is at -- I will write more on both of these in time.

I apologize for the blurry video. I usually take special care to make this look great and something went wrong with my audio just before recording time and in futzing around I made the video poor, but the audio is great.

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