USA/Microsoft Metaphor

Many in the USA have trouble grasping how the country is viewed by those of us from outside it. I recently realized one analogy which explains this for those who are techies, especially Linux/Mac techies.

The rest of the world views the USA the way we techies view Microsoft. Except with tanks.

We fear Microsoft's power, but most of us still give them money. The power of both is largely economic. Neither MS nor the USA is on the whole evil, both are a mix of evil and good. Both are arrogant and don't grasp their own arrogance. Both have a smug leader. The list goes on for quite a ways.


Yeah Brad... I realized that a while now. The Microsoft analogy is a good one...

Actually it's influenced me to give most Microsoft people a break.

Their evil is an emergent property of the collective ...

Of course what does that say about me? I'm just another stupid american contributing to the collective evil ;)

Hey... you need one of those MT comment spam killers...

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