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Just about every blog has pointed to's Bush in 30 Seconds contest for anti-Bush TV spots.

The candidate spots are witty and clever, but I think they miss the mark. For those who have already decided they will vote for anyone-but-Bush, they bring many cries of approval. But that's not who they have to convince.

They need to win the undecided voters, as well as a particular segment of the confirmed Republican block. You won't do that in 30 seconds, of course, but you might somebody on the path to looking at more issues.

A few of them are on-target, such as In My Country and Army of One. But the best of them, Child's Pay, seems way-off this target to me.

Of course, I'm not a US Citizen so I don't get to vote. If I could, neither the Republicans or Democrats seem likely to inspire me. But I do feel that due to civil rights concerns and the horrible damage being done to the reputation of the USA in the world, President Bush has to go.

As to the civil rights concerns -- there is a fairly strong contingent in the Republican zone that are big supporters of personal privacy and the 4th amendment. They're very scared of what's happening with the Patriot Acts and the actions of John Ascroft. They will turn on the President if they see more of this, some of them at least.


I'm curious as to what reputation you want the US to have. Do you want the weak, paper-tiger reputation that the previous administration projected, which led to the 11 Sept attacks? Or, do you want the tough, don't-mess-with-us reputation that has taken out two ruthless governments, made another reconsider its weapons of mass destruction, and put others on warning, making the world safer? I vote for the second. As Machiavelli said, it's better for a prince to be feared than loved.

I'm curious as to who, if anyone, you or the EFF is endorsing for president. I joined the EFF because it's one organization that addresses the
issues that I think are most important. Well now, there's a Democratic Primary coming up in my state
(SC) and as much as I've tried to find any candidate who has even mentioned the EFF or online freedom issues, I haven't.

I understand why George Bush wants to fight a war in Iraq. There's big political capital in a
chasing the Great Tipoo and his weapons of missing destruction ... and it keeps his
cold war/oil company/industrial friends happy;
but frankly, his pet war has done nothing for me.

I guess that either online speech issues don't
have any political capital or these guys don't have a clue. I think maybe the latter.

I saw a poll on Slashdot the other day that had gotten over 74,000 responses. I wonder whether if all those 74,000 voted in humorous poll, what would happen if they all voted for a presidential candidate?

If you've heard anything from any of the Dems,
or any candidate for that matter on online or EFF issues, please let me know. I'd be grateful.

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