Exercise bike that makes you exercise

Everybody knows one of the big problems with exercise machines is they end up as clothesracks. I've seen this literally happen. A lot of people put their machine in front of the TV to make them use it, for a while we even had no couch.

Here's an invention to create an exercise machine you'll really use, if you watch TV. The machine, or a device attached to it, would be programmed to constantly broadcast a recorded infrared signal trained from your remote. This code would be one that would interfere with watching TV. For example, volume-mute or channel-up, or a digit. Whatever you want to train it to. (Off doesn't work as that also turns the TV on.)

However, once you get on the machine and start using it, it stops sending this code, and you can watch TV. Once you have done your exercise quota, it would stop sending the muck-up code until you are next due to exercise, whatever your schedule is.

To stop you from just covering the transmitter with clothing (remember the clothesrack?) it would also need to have a receiver some distance away which gets upset and chirps annoyingly if it can't see the regular ping from the transmitter.

Others in the house not on a regimen could enter a code on the remote to temporarily disable the system when they want to watch. If 2 or more people had a regimen, they would have to enter which person they were to activate their disabling code. That gets a bit messy but it can be done.

And to stop people from just ripping the thing out, which they could always do, it would also have a remote control sequence that turns it off but "costs" the user more exercise later. Of course, if you use it all the time, you will eventually abandon the system -- some discipline is needed, but less than ordinary machines require.

So many machines go unused that something like this seems like the right plan.


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Regarding the exercise bike/tv machine (March 3, 2004). What is this device called? Where can I get one?

Nowhere, yet. Somebody has to make it!

I have a better solution:

Dump the TV and GET YOU ASS OUT OF THE HOUSE! The device is then called: a bike.


putting out 100W or so for the average TV is rasonably hard work.

But I favour the other suggestion - get high-definition graphics, stereo sounds and ever-changing view by riding a real bicycle. In my case, to and frow work, but whatever works for you. This is also a social benefit - the more people who ride, the safer it is for everyone who rides.

um.. yeah good idea! but the easier way to do this is getting your ass out of the house and ride a bike. and just to watch tv with out excersizing in front of it. its called a schedule or a fitness center!!

um.. yeah good idea! but the easier way to do this is getting your ass out of the house and ride a bike. and just to watch tv with out excersizing in front of it. its called a schedule or a fitness center!!

Not everybody lives in a safe area where riding around the streets is possible. Plus, why schedule for two activities when you can do them at the same time? Not everybody has that much free time on their hands.

Hi brad, I was wondering if you could send me more details of this invention. I had been thinking of a similar idea for a while and i was just checking noone else had thought of it yet. Im a design student by the way. If you have a spare moment, could you please do that? It would be much appreciated.

Hi Brad. I would love to develop such a device. Not just for me - whole family.
And for the narrow-minded folks who do not see its beauty: I usually ride over 200 miles per week during the summer. However, once winter hits that comes to a sudden stop.
Have you (or anyone else) had any luck putting it together.

Many people really need something like that but the question is how many would want to use it? Some Americans should be forced to have one of those installed. It would take some of the government pressure off from the health care bills.

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