Accelerometer in Cell Phone for emergencies


In writing the previous entry, another idea came to me that I stuck at the end which is worthy of its own entry. Place an accelerometer in your cell phone that will detect a violent event, such as a car crash or bike crash. Similar to the detector already in the car that triggers the airbag.

Upon detection of the event, the phone would start beeping for about 30 seconds warning about the emergency. If there is no emergency, you would press any key to stop the call. Otherwise it could call 911.

However, it would need to be sure not to trigger an emergency just because you dropped the phone or threw it or went flying when you turned a corner in your car. However, if this can be arranged it could be a handy feature to sell as a cell phone extra.


Imagine how many 911 "calls" would come from airport lugguage handling areas, or just the taam throwing their duffels on the back of bus...

On the other hand it'd be great if I could just give my phone a sharp rap and get it to stop ringing/vibrating/whatever that's annoying and/or interrupting me, not have to find a specific button to do so.

A possible way to do this would be to have airbags that are Bluetooth-capable, and let the phone know that it should call for help. Use a simple "One Time Pad"-style system for security (you can ask the phone to exchange keys and "make friends" with your car(s), the first time they meet - so a prankster cannot remotely make your phone call 911.)

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