Closed caption history on demand


One thing I've noticed when you get a TV broadcast that has 5-channel sound, it that you get the voices on the center channel. Particularly with things like voice-overs, sportscasters etc. If you can mute the center channel, you can watch a game, for example, with no commentators.

But sometimes you do want to hear what they said, if there is something on the field you don't understand. If you have a PVR, you can rewind and turn on the center channel audio (though rarely is there a good UI to do this) but here's another idea.

If the center channel is muted, offer a button that shrinks the display and puts up the last minute or two of history of the closed captions. Of course if there are already bars on the screen use those to display this. You can read quickly (let one of the scrolling controls let you move around) and figure out what was going on, faster than you could through replaying.


The muting-center-channel thing is an excellent suggestion, atleast for me. I had this happen as a broadcasting audio glitch sometimes and thought it was an issue with Comcast HD, and for once, prayed that the glitch never went away. Never realized the alternative was this simple. And just in time for the Super Bowl.

So how good are the captions on MythTV? The only thing that's really holding me back from building a MythTV box is not knowing how well closed captions will be displayed and re-played.

I use captions all the time but turn them off for sporting event, they get in the way and the comentators never have anything worth while to say anyway.

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