To bell the cat


Here's a simple though not too exciting idea. Make bells for cat collars in different pitches. Thus you can always know which cat is coming just by sound.


We can often (but not always) hear which cat is coming or walking on the stairs etc by how they walk... (One of the cats thinks it's a dog so it's acting quite a bit differently. =)

I'm not sure it really matters if you can hear which cat is where. When The Cat Location matters it's usually because you can't find it (and it's not moving). Then a Cat Pager would be more useful.

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I think it's a fun idea and I could see some people wanting that, particularly for outdoor cats. I took the bells off our cats' collars because ours are mostly indoors and that could get annoying when trying to sleep.

I've learned two different auditory identifiers for my 5 cats - the way they eat (one's a real slob and makes a ton of noise, and others are more dainty, take more breaks, etc.), and their voices/meows. A friend taught me how to talk to cats, so when mine were kittens I taught them to communicate a lot vocally. I can often tell who's doing what just by listening around the house. (For example, two of them talk to the catnip toys when alone - it's really cute.)

A friend's cat loved to play with the birds, and learned to walk in such a way as to not ring its bell at all. At least, not until it was mid-air in its pounce.

When indoors the cat was a bit more of a layabout, so you really didn't hear the bell much then, either.

We make a sonic collar which beeps every 7 seconds to alert birds to the presence of stalking cats. The beeper switches off automatically when the cat comes home.

I'm very interested in hearing about Liam's electronic cat collar. Can you please ask him to provide more information, A.

A decent size bell, around 1-2kg. That way you know where the cat is at all times, and it's unlikely to further endanger local wildlife.

for your information.....bell makes your cat go crazy...

do not bell your cats please....please do some research

Can you cite some of the research you refer to?

As a bird lover, I think that anyone who intends to own a cat should have to pass a simple test, and be made to learn how these animals should be kept in a manner which is in balance with the indidgenus wildlife population.
I cant understand how anyone can keep a pet, and totally disregard the effect it has on other creatures.My daughter has two cats, and I love the way she has developed a caring attitude towards animals, but she is also aware that ,other than man, they seem to be the only creatures which kill for pleasure.I intend to set up a website whos sole purpose is to make owners of cats be aware of the importance of other species.

As a person who has worked as a wildlife biologist and is currently a veterinarian I think I may bring a unique perspective to the issue. First off, bells do not make cats crazy, although their owners may drive them crazy. Having grown up with cats that were belled whenever they went outside and lived to the ripe old age of 20 years I can testify that bells do not harm cats. It is true that many cats can learn to walk without making much noise with the bell but it is still the best way to protect birds that I know of. Secondly, lets stop trying to humanize cats. Cats are predators and like other predators have been killing for thousands of years to remain alive. They also happen to make great pets. Cats were initially domesticated to control rodent populations so lets not damn the cat for being itself. As to the accusation that cats kill strictly for fun I would respond that 1) almost all predators at one time or another have been accused of the same, 2) we are judging cats by our human values and 3) it is not fun but a hard wired hunting instinct that poeple are observing.

If you can keep your cats inside that is great. They are safer and less likely to kill birds and rodents. Many cats, especially older cats , can be difficult to keep inside. If your cat goes outside have them microchiped at you veterinarians office and place a collar with an identification tag and bell on them.

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