Tales of the HDTV Superbowl Commercials Party

For the third year in a row, I held a "superbowl commercials" party. In this case, we used MythTV to record the game in HDTV for a while, then sat down to fast forward through the football and slow down to watch the commercials.

I've written a page about the Superbowl Commercials Party here, including fun stories from the party and a bit about the MythTV software that did the recording and playback on two different floors in HDTV.

Also included is a discussion of how the equipment I used will become illegal in just a few months, and what we're doing to try and stop that. It's an interesting lesson in how regulation can stop innovation and what's really happening in the future of TV.


Can you post the specs on your machines? I'm very interested in what type of units you were using (MB/RAM/CPU/Case/Vid/etc). Thanks!

Which HD capture card are you using? The HD-3000 from pcHDTV? http://www.pchdtv.com/


Very cleaver site. Can I have access to old super bowl commercials? Please advise ASAP


Google for them, there are various sites that have them up, there are sites that have this year's too.

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