Use for old digital cameras


Many people have old, low resolution digital cameras lying around from the previous generation. Here's a good use to put them to, particularly if you have a housekeeper.

When somebody needs to put something away, and they don't know where you like it to go and have to figure out where, have them pull out the old digital camera and take a picture of the item and a picture of where it was put.

Then every so often you can pull out the images into an online folder, ideally with a thumbnail browser.

Even though the camera is probably low res, like a megapixel, you probably want to set it to an even lower res to get a ton of photos on it.

As your memory fades in later life, you might even find this handy to do for yourself. You could just organize your stuff so everything is in an obvious place, or just take photos of all your things where they are. Good for insurance purposes, too. It won't work for the car keys or glasses, but it might work for some stuff.


Errrrr, well, since you're mentioning tons of photos, you probably don't expect to name all the files when you download them. Consequentially, searching through the files might be just as unsuccessful as searching for the real thing.

Just a thought. Otherwise, yes, if you keep it down to the minimum, it works. Say, shoot the contents of a box that might be hard to access (high up, stacked, whatever). One thing I've gotten used to is to take a shot of any wiring, plumbing and construction work. Can prove to be very valuable. But I have yet to find out if I'll be able to find it when I need it :)

Oh, BTW, how do you take a picture of the camera so you can find it when you need it? J/K :))

Any old digital camera with rca output and be used as a security camera or streaming camera if you get a usb rca dongle

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