Live session about remote assist and teleops for robocars April 18 at 11am PDT


Next week, on April 18 at 11am PDT, I have been engaged to conduct a live video discussion about the issues around remote operation and driving for self-driving cars. I'll be talking with Doron Elinav, co-founder of DriveU.Auto, which is a provider of that technology and is sponsoring this event. While going fully autonomous is the goal, the reality is that remote human assistance for some of the corner cases and complex areas is a way to get vehicle service with no driver on board happening faster and more usefully. I'll talk as well about some of my experiences with Starship sidewalk delivery robots, where having a limited amount of remote strategic assistance has always been part of the plan, but many other companies are using this in different ways -- though we'll discuss pitfalls as well as successes.

You can register for the event at this page



Looking forward to attending the event

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