Downfall Hitler Video of Elon Musk being told Tesla FSD isn't working

When something funny's going on, the go to satire is a subtitled Downfall Hitler-rant video. Here's one I made as the Tesla FSD team tries to explain to Elon Musk that FSD isn't working well.

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Should not have to say this, but I actually respect Tesla and Elon Musk and am not attempting to compare anybody to Hitler -- this is just the internet's most famous subtitle meme. I want them to succeed and think they are on the wrong track with the longshot bet of doing it with computer vision and no detailed maps.

Some may remember my first Youtube video was another one of these, but this one a meta-one about Hitler being the producer of the movie downfall, being told he can't use DMCA takedowns on parodies. It got over 200,000 views on different platforms.


How dare you compare Elon Musk to Hitler?

Of course, as I said above, and twice in the video, and in the description, I am not doing that in any way. To my surprise, some people still think that, and they must have been under a rock when this video clip arose as one of the most popular and common memes in online history. There have been literally thousands of these, all using this very serious clip from the dark and excellent movie "Downfall" which won an Oscar. It can be quite funny to subtitle Hitler's rage at losing the war with much more trivial and different things. You almost never see one that is trying to link the subject to actual Nazis. So for those of you who didn't know this meme, don't worry about it.

So are you smarter than Elon?

Certainly not as a businessman and in many other areas. I want robocars to succeed, and fast, and I own a Tesla car and TSLA stock. However, I have differing opinions on whether he's following the right strategy to make that happen. It's his decision what to do at Tesla, and the right of everybody else to offer other opinions. (Including people at Tesla, who apparently liked this video.)

Is this FUD?

FUD is propaganda put out by those seeking to make a competitor fail. It's a serious accusation. I own a Tesla car, own TSLA stock and would like all companies to succeed at making robocars as soon as they can and have a 15 year history of saying that. I was one of the first pushing Elon to do self-driving back in 2010. Yes, I have also consulted for and have interests in many other players, but I don't want any of them to take anything but the best path to getting this technology out soon.


Is not ASAM OpenDRIVE adbocating for standards of the HAV map ecosystem?

NDS Association common map standard is NDS.LIVE

Open Auto Drive Forum

NDS e.V., the ADASIS forum and SENSORIS representatives decided to coordinate on important questions for autonomous driving in an ‘Open AutoDrive Forum (OADF)’.



Unsettled Issues on HD Mapping Technology for Autonomous Driving and ADAS - SAE publication EPR20210

Advocacy of any standard has linkage to proprietary technological implimentation.

HAV mapping standards is a battleground at times.

Mapping formats is a battleground: NDS.Live vs OpenDrive vs GeoJSON vs new formats possiby (eg Woven Planet).

precise 6-DoF (x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw) is just an example.

Will Tesla be "forced" into using maps for Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) in Europe?

Several key regulation dates are July 2022 and July 2024.

"The ISA regulation defines a 90% target to correctly recognize and, depending on the system, apply legal speed limits. An ISA system has to display the legal speed limit to the driver at all times. That is the minimum requirement by the regulation. "

Read on NDS website:

Up to speed: The EU’s Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) Regulation and why it needs live map data
13. July 2021

How is current performance for Tesla in Europe in terms of accuracy?

Tesla Model 3 failed Euro NCAP Speed Limit testing in 2019.

HERE: "This is particularly important in situations that are challenging for onboard camera-only ISA solutions. These include:

Speed limits that are not sign-posted, including default country-level speed limits for motorways, urban roads and metropolitan areas, as well as border speed limit rule changes based on country level requirements.

Conditional speed limits based on the time of day or weather conditions.

Concealed speed limits due to foliage growth, lack of infrastructure maintenance or other reasons.

Implicit sign-posted speed limits, which indicate a change in speed limit based on default rules, e.g. for the start of built-up areas or the beginning of motorways."

Sorry to say, but I presume you are the same person who has been posting a lot of comments here which have been either off-topic or in some cases hard to decode jumbles of thought. If you hope for people to get your point or reply, you will need to take more effort in composing your thoughts and questions.

If Tesla FSD Beta rolls out to everyone in North America this year as Elon Musk announced several days ago, how many additional FSD beta users could be on the roads?


Is an increase from 60,000 to 150,000 the current estimate?

I don't know if a firm number is out there but I have heard 300K total. Of course, FSD is not pleasant to use, so it's only for those wanting to experiment, so only a smal minority of them would be regular users.

New definition of Cyber Rodeo: an additional 100,000 FSD beta users on the roads in 2022.

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