Join me at Philosophical Society of Washington May 11, or Moscow May 25

I'm doing a former-cold-war tour this month and talking about robocars.

This Friday, May 11, I will be giving the 2301st lecture for the Philosophical Society of Washington with my new, Prezi-enabled robocars talk. This takes place around 8pm at the John Wesley Powell Auditorium. This lecture is free.

A week later it's off to Moscow to enjoy the wonders of Russia.

There will be a short talk locally in between at a private charity event on May 14.

In other news, Florida is advancing on their robocar law -- I guess they don't want to be behind Nevada.


Is there going to be a video posted? I would love to see this. I wanted to get down there last Friday, but the schedule just would not cooperate.

They do have some videos of talks on their site, but they take some time to get them up. The talk went well, I think. The audience was engaged, laughed at all the right jokes, and asked a quite good and long series of questions.

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