Podcast featuring the future of cities


I don't do a lot of podcasts, though am curious as to whether people prefer to hear them compared to reading things. They make more sense for debates or being interactive.

Nonetheless, here's one I did recently, hosted by a new organization called Pivot Factory. We covered some history and a lot of my favourite topics, and had a particular focus on the future of the city, which I write about here but haven't done a recent cohesive essay on.

If you like podcasts, go to The Pivot Factory Podcast to listen or download.


I enjoyed the podcast and I think you should do more – they're a good medium for conversation, for personal anecdotes, and also for ideas or arguments that you're mulling over but aren't quite fully-formed enough for blog posts. I imagine you aren't especially given to writing about your personal history or thoughts on Larry Page, but I did like hearing them as a podcast.

I will say that I feel most people (including myself) ought to do more blogging and less podcasting/tweeting though.

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