Robocar talk on Mon, Feb 13 at Intel auditorium


A new group has sprung up in the valley around the concept of the open source automobile. I will be speaking at their meetup, which was going to be at Hacker Dojo and has moved to Intel's auditorium. Looks like a good crowd is signed up. Sorry, no deep Google secrets but there will be a video featuring the car and many visions of the future.

Robocars at Silicon Valley Open Source Automotive

This group is about all aspects of computerization in cars.


Amusingly, I was in Alviso that week working for TiVo (lots of Leafs and 1 Tesla Roadster in the parking lot, but nothing robo yet...) Normally I work at my home office in Minneapolis.

Of course I should just subscribe to your various feeds and I would have known...


They did not make a video.

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