Shoot Nikon? Please help review my article on choosing lenses for Nikon cameras

For many years I have had a popular article on what lenses to buy for a Canon DSLR. I shoot with Canon, but much of the advice is universal, so I am translating the article into Nikon.

If you shoot Nikon and are familiar with a variety of lenses for them, I would appreciate your comments. At the start of the article I indicate the main questions I would like people's opinions on, such as moderately priced wide angle lenses, as well as regular zooms.

If you "got a Nikon camera and love to take photographs" please read the article on what lens to buy for your Nikon DSLR and leave comments here or send them by email to I'm also interested in lists of "what's in your kit" today.


Ken tends to be pretty practical about cameras & lenses (e.g. won't recommend an expensive lens unless it is amazing):

I have (and love) the $200 Nikon 35mm f/1.8 AF-S.

Rockwell seems to recommend some of the cheaper lenses which are highly deprecated by most other reviewers. Since I have not used these lenses myself, not being a Nikon shooter, I can't make an absolute claim, but if things like the kit lens and the 18-200mm which he recommends are as good as hey claims, then Nikon has done something with the economics of quality lens manufacture that the other vendors can't even remotely do, and I doubt that. I think it's foolish to buy a $1,000 camera and put a $200 kit zoom in front of it. (A $200 35mm or 50mm prime is another story, you should definitely do that.)

I would venture that a $1000 DX SLR and the $200 kit lens will still shoot better than a $400 point and shoot. They had better. But I am writing for people who plan to go a level above that. Truth is those higher end P&S are pretty good, and they offer so many advantages in size and weight and dust that I would go with them if your goal is this zone.

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