Tesla "full" self-driving will jump to $7,000 tomorrow


Elon has tweeted that the price to pay today to get future self-drive features will rise to $7,000 tomorrow. I write some more analysis of this offering and its price in light of this increase. If Tesla really pulls off a full self driving product ahead of everybody else, might it be better to just buy the stock and spend some of the profits on the higher price in the future?

Read about it at Tesla full self driving price goes up


How much feedback does the autopilot provide the the "supervisor" driver? Does it tell you if it recognizes the red light, or must you infer it only from braking? It would be very stressful to supervise a vehicle with only its actions as indication of its internal state.

But you should not be looking at the screen, you should look at the road.

If it had a heads-up display, you could imagine it doing things like painting all the obstacles it detects on the road, and its path plan while you were looking at them. You would probably do a better job there. But this remains untested.

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