Non-metal suspenders


I like to wear suspsenders sometimes, but they have become an added burden when you travel or enter certain buildings because they have metal. Not that there are any accessory-vendors reading my blog, but sadly it's time for somebody to sell belts, suspenders and shoes for people who need them without metal.



Perhaps we should eliminate all the useless metal detectors rather than eliminating all the metal in our lives. Ceramic knives are not rocket science,
and plastic guns aren't that hard to find either.
Not to mention the occasional baseball bat, rope,
bare hands, or other obvious weapons.

Your wish is the market's command:

My husband does a lot of traveling and loves to wear his suspenders. We found this site...better selection and pricing. Now he doesn't have to take them off every time he goes thru security.

Or is it your site? Sure looks that way. Please confirm or be deleted.

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