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I regret to get in anybody's way, but the volume of comment spam I have been getting has been driving me nuts, and Movable Type makes it a royal pain to delete. There is no point in them spamming, I turned off putting links on URLs they include in the spams, but they do it anyway.

Anyway, to stop them, I added a box to the comment form where you have to enter a word I describe. No, I don't put the word in an image -- that popular technique is shutting the blind off from a growing part of the web -- I just describe it in English. Just a warning for those wanting to comment. And hope no spammers decide to automate it (if they do I change the question.)


Have you tried MT Blacklist? I installed it last week on my blog after getting inundated with bogus comments, and it has done the trick. It even let me go back and clear out old comments I had missed.

Im having the same problem with my MT weblog, but I can't seem to make time to edit code!

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Hi! I went throught your ideas. Why aren't anyone implementing the e-stamp solution?


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