In car navigation needs to learn to shut up


I think driving navigation is a great thing, but the UI is all wrong. It needs to work to understand me, to see the routes I have driven with it 100 times, and only tell me when there is something unusual I need to know, not where to turn to get to my house (or telling me "You have arrived at your destination" at my driveway.) The ideal navigation system, on a commute, won't even say a word to me unless there is traffic that means I should not take my standard route. How do we make it smarter?

I explore these issues in a new Forbes site article In car navigation needs to learn to shut up


I agree with you about shutting up the great Tesla nav system so I just mute the audio and only turn it on when I am navigating new territory.



They are actually there on the maps, and you can search for them. Not as nicely as in plugshare. Sadly, what you can't yet do is search for hotels that have them.

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