Review of the LG OLEDs -- it's time for a 4K HDR TV, but it still thinks it's a TV

A decent impression of an impressionist

I recently purchased an LG 4K OLED HDR TV. In spite of the high price, I am pleased with it, and it's made old HDTV look somewhat dull. There is now enough content to upgrade.

Read my review and also my comments on how the TV hasn't yet figured out that many of us just want it for streaming.

Read my Review of the LG 4K OLED TV and using it for streaming


Too many TV remotes these days are trying to be minimalist, with few buttons, trying to look all sleek and 'modern'. As you pointed out in the Forbes article, that can leave you without traditional fast forward buttons and the like, needed to quickly move around a streamed show. When I bought a big LCD TV last year (not HDR though), I ended up with a Sony, partially because its remote looks like a traditional one from the early 90s -- huge with a billion buttons on it. Including traditional "VCR" style buttons for fast forward etc...
(It does have a Google Assistant voice search button, which is great, although it doesn't allow voice command of TV features, something that still seems rare but some other companies are starting to have).

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