ICANN Announces ".polinc" TLD for politically incorrect and dangerous-opinion sites

ICANN is pleased to announce that the independent evaluation process, which began last year, has resulted in a further sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD) application moving to the next stage.

As the process for selecting new sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLDs) continues from a pool of ten applications, ICANN has now entered into commercial and technical negotiations with an additional candidate registry, ICM Registry, Inc, (.POLINC).

The .POLINC top level domain will be a voluntary arena for sites that wish to express ideas that are politically incorrect or inflammatory. Sites that promote ideas including racism, homosexual advocacy, embryonic stem cell harvesting, creationism, evolutionism, opposition to the war in Iraq, defence of the liberation of Iraq and other topics that are inflammatory can voluntarily register in the .POLINC domain to make it clear what sort of material can be found on the site.

"We're not trying to suprise anybody with the fact that our sites have unpopular an inflammatory opinions on them," said Brad Templeton, Chairman of the www.eff.org web site notorious for its opposition to the surveillance tools the Justice Dept. says are needed for the War on Domestic Terror. Templeton also operates the www.netfunny.com site, which contains jokes, some of which lampoon stereotypes of all manners. "By giving us our own domain, people will know exactly what they are getting. Our views are for adults. We're not trying to push them on kids."

Operators of .POLINC domains believe that by using this domain, they will have an answer to any user who complains about finding their material on the internet, in particular parents who don't want their children exposed to highly radical views. Internet filtering software, commonly sold to parents, schools and libraries, will be able to easily and reliably block access to .POLINC sites by children and library patrons.

... "Use of .POLINC is entirely voluntary," says Stuart Lawley, chairman of ICM Registry, which will operate the domain. "Sites with inflammatory opinions now have the opportunity to self-organize and self-regulate on a voluntary basis. Over 20% of new internet sites, known as "blogs", contain dangerous and inflammatory opinions, with the number increasing every day."

ICM outlined the following benefits of the .POLINC TLD on their release:

  • Online child safety and anti-child mind pollution will be promoted through best practice guidelines promulgated by a non-profit cross-sector foundation. This foundation will provide assistance through various online support organizations and the sponsoring of technology tools and education programs for parents.
  • The online radical blog industry wants to create an identifiable space with which its members can elect to associate themselves and wherein they can responsibly self-organize and create guidelines to promote credible self-regulation.
  • The voluntary .POLINC TLD will maximize and protect free speech – both for content providers and Internet users.
  • Privacy protection and security will be promoted for online consumers.
  • The .POLINC TLD has potential to regularize business processes such as search-engine functionality, privacy, identity theft prevention measures, and security.
  • It creates a credible forum for representation and self-regulation where all stakeholders are able to discuss and actively respond to concerns about online inflammatory opinion.

Registrations in .POLINC will be available for just $99.95 per year.


This is simply brilliant.

Oops, what will we do with sites that are XXX and politically incorrect?

I will open up .stupid and we'll see who makes the most money.

I saw this first on Farber's list. Knowing ICANN, I thought this was for real until I saw the little "Comedy" indicator on your blog.

Dude, you rock. Thanks for pointing out the difference between "us" and "them".

We know our stuff is provocative, and designed to gits folks juices going, fer, or 'agin what we bloviate about.

Them thinks their stuff don't stink, but fail to realize that it is as offensive to us as ours is to them.

Great piece, made me chuckle all the way through.

Yay, now they can categorize, target, and eliminate subversive and dissenting voices...

Big Brother be watching you <_<

aww, and here I was thinking it was true! Hah! I wish :P

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