A fantastic gas station is not a great EV charging location


In my article last week, I outlined how Texas issued grants to build EV charging almost entirely at gas stations, including a chain of mega gas-stations known as Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's may be a great place for gas, but to understand why it may not be right for charging, you have to understand that for gas cars, gas stations are a destination where you get gasoline, and it is nice if they have amenities. For charging to work in its ideal way, you want to have destinations you were going to stop at anyway, which have charging as an amenity, so charging can take nothing from your day.

Lots of detail in this new Forbes site article at A fantastic gas station is not a great EV charging location


Bucees is the attraction, gas is an amenity there. You will fully understand when you go to one.
People plan trips around Bucees stops so they can get the ultimate bucees pic or walk their dog. Great food, good merch, and wonderful restrooms. I literally just charged my Tesla at the one in Baytown TX. Walked my dog and used the restroom!

The interconnection between what you need/want to do and your car's computer is problematic. The car winds up knowing too much about you when you think of privacy concerns coupled with the opaque policies forced upon you by the manufacturer. I do not connect to my EV car at all with my cellphone.

It's going to be very hard to not connect your car and phone as time goes on. It's really quite useful on the Tesla, too useful for people to give it up. What we need is instead an architecture of privacy so more stuff stays in my car, my phone and my piece of cloud, and not the carmaker's cloud.

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