Here's how to regulate robocar safety


I outline what sort of data should be disclosed and what methods can assure that robocars are safe and we can understand how safe they are

Read more at in Buttigieg Seeks Robocar Safety. Here s How He Should Do It


Some proportion of the pushback from those not interested in robocars is not about safety but more about the misconception that they are or will be in competition with mass transit. Even among the more technically minded there are quite a few who only see self driving as something that private vehicles will have a as convenience and perhaps a safety feature.
The promise of Transport As a Service is not being sold to people and many don't make the connection themselves.
If the dream of reducing the size of vehicles, better traffic flow, cheaper buses (though the distinction between buses and cars will become blurred) as well as better safety were communicated some of the objections could be rebutted. In fact given that global warming and other environmental issues are the highest priority of our time for many, sharing this promise might actually garner a lot of enthusiastic supporters.
Apologies if not on topic, the regulation suggestions seem sensible, so little to comment on.

I don't agree they are not competition for mass transit. They are very much that, and it's a good thing, because mass transit is in many places a mess. However, it might be better to say that robovans are the competition (combined with robocars) not just robocars on their own, though they offer some competition.

After all, regular cars are the big competitor to mass transit, and they won -- even in Europe.

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