Home delivery when shopping stops in a virus shutdown


If we shut down public areas, we're going to need a lot of online shopping and home delivery. How can we do that in a virus-infected world? Here's some plans for how to make it happen even with gig workers (who aren't driving Uber and Lyft much any more.)

I outline some of the ways to make it work in this Forbes.com article.


Amazon just hired 100,000 people, in the middle of the coronavirus,
which now has a million sick people in the United States confirmed contagious, in just two months.

These new hires are now working with typically 4,000 workers (800,000 total),
in cramped warehouses, picking your online-orders.

They are breathing, coughing, sneezing on your products and packages, and the next day,
that product and package is on your front porch, on your dining room table, and in your kid's hands.

We have a solution for total fulfillment automation, no direct labor. Truck-in to Truck-out fulfillment.

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