Support our goddamned piece of paper ribbon

Ok, so this story is almost surely just an unconfirmed rumour, but the graphic I designed below still makes a nice ribbon.


Ten bucks says if there actually was any true statement to that effect it was taken misleadingly out of context. I can't help be reminded of Bork's (clever, interesting, and misunderstood) analogy involving the 9th amendment and an "ink blot". Some people really enjoy being outraged and offended...

Yeah, that's rich. The Left spends decades appointing judges who ignore the Constitution and the Laws passed by the legislatures to create new law as "whatever feels right" to them at the time, tell each other to do the same, then they accuse the Right of doing what they themselves recommend. Hi-lar-i-ous.

(Note: the link provides a specific example from Canada instead of the U.S., but I won't ask about where anyone's from ...)

store for this! That'd make a FINE bumpersticker.

Beautiful graphic, Brad. I want one.

re comments above, I always get a laugh out of right-wingers (who support destroying half of the Bill of Rights) complaining about left-wingers (who support destroying the other half of the Bill of Rights) ... and vice versa.

A pox on both their houses~!


Thompson claims to have personally interviewed three witnesses to the statement. Why is he lying? What are your grounds for doubting Thompson's claim?

I also like the ribbon and now have it on my desktop.

i know this is a late response but i just have to say HA! Since when has this president shown ANY credibility for you to actually thik he did NOT say it? his ACTIONS speak for themselves, he didnt have to say its just a god damn piece of paper, we KNOW he thinks it, as well as other top people in this administration. wake up!! Mr. night walker, you are giving him actual credibiliy and respect when this president has shown none to the office of the president nor to the american people, nor the constitution of the united states.

The role of commander-in-chief is expressly explained in the Constitution as referring to the president's position as top officer of the nation's military but that has no relevance with the respect to the rest of society....hes not commander-in-chief of the Congress, or of the administration, or of you or me, hes just president. the numerous unconstitutional provisions in the patriot act is self evident.

Germany, with a constituion William Shirer called "the most liberal and democratic document of its kind the twentieth century had ever seen" morphed into the Third Reich, step by step as a crazy man with unthinking admirers convinced them that external and internal enemies threatened them...hitler insisted that as "a defensive measure for the Protection of the People and the State," the seven sections of the Weimar constitution guaranteeing individual and civil liberties had to be suspended....HELLO!! WAKE UP

Hello to everyone, I'm from Italy and I'm not well informed about American politics. A few days ago I saw a movie and when I finished viewing it I was still with my mouth open. I could scarcely believe the things that were said in this movie. This documentary was by Michael Moore, it was Fahrenheit 9/11. Is it possible all what he said in his movie? Is that true that thousands of black people were denied the right to vote their president? Is it possible that Bush was playing golf after the 9/11? Did he really share such a huge part of the American petrol economy with the Bin Ladens? I have been two times in America, and I thought and still think it to be a good country with good people; how come such people elected a person that is portrayed this way(at least by Michael Moore)?

Michael Moore's film was nothing more than a lot of lies and videos which had been manipulated. His lies have been proven over and over.

I'd be proud to put that ribbon on my car.

Anybody that's proud or supports this kind of thing is not a real American patriot. Just a bunch of enemies of the state. Internal terriost of freedom. If people don't like this country then they need to get out.

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