Reports Of The Death Of Self-Driving Cars Are Greatly Exaggerated


This past month, especially with the shutdown of Argo.AI, have seen a number of declarations of the death of robocars. Thank to markets and expected consolidation, there definitely is a rough patch, but here's the argument that the field is hardly pining for the fjords and some things are going gangbusters, and not a decade or more away.

Read it on Forbes at Reports Of The Death Of Self-Driving Cars Are Greatly Exaggerated


Baidu will be kicking off Apollo Day today from 5:30 PM PDT to share the progress made in the technology and commercial operation of driverless robotaxis.

Below is the agenda:

Jingkai Chen
Building Safe, Intelligent, and Efficient Autonomous Driving Systems
Jizhou Huang
Rethinking Maps for Autonomous Driving: Apollo's Practice and Insights
Jingdong Wang
Applying Wenxin Large AI Model to Autonomous Driving Perception
Ang Li
Apollo Loop -- The Practices and Thoughts of "Fine Purification, Strong Digestion"
Jian Ouyang
AI Chip Innovation Empowers Advanced Autonomous Driving
Liang Wang
Parallel Development of L4/L2+ Technology in the Era of Intelligent Vehicles

youtu dot be/JISnVvff7Jc

Baidu Apollo has more employees working on its AV simulation than Tesla has working on its Autopilot (FSD), AI, and humanoid bot teams, combined. ApolloDay

Goggo Network and Mobileye plan to collaborate to introduce Level 4 autonomous vehicles for logistics in Europe in 2023.

www mobileye com/news/goggo-network-and-mobileye-plan-to-collaborate-to-introduce-level-autonomous-vehicles-for-logistics-in-europe/

Goggo plans to start operating self-driving taxis by 2024. 

www prnewswire com/news-releases/baidu-announces-plan-to-build-the-worlds-largest-fully-driverless-ride-hailing-service-area-in-2023-301688518 html

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