Tricks for using Zoom to have a more human connection in large meetings

Allison hosting a Foresight Hivemind the way I set it up to see everything at once.

We're all doing tons of Zoom events and conferences, though often in the terrible "Webinar" mode that isolates the speakers from the audience, and the audience from each other. Zoom has some hidden tricks you can use to avoid Webinar and have a much better experience -- especially if your computer has two monitors, even though it doesn't strictly need them both. I have written up a guide on how to do it on Forbes' site, read:

Your Guide To Feeling A Human Connection With The Group In Zoom Meetings


Hi there,

It was so great to read this article after having made the suggestion of running our 200+ person webinar this way for all of the reasons you outline. Thank you! Our main worry is ensuring that panelists (who we will make co-hosts) will show on all participants' 1st screen, and not be booted to a screen they would have to scroll to. You mention they "often do if they are let in first." We plan to do that. Do you think it will work? We are running up against Zoom having issues responding to support requests, and have not been able to get an answer. Thanks so much!

I have found that zoom generally puts those who arrive first earlier in the array of screens. But it is also possible to move, if people do things like turn off video, or temporarily leave the room. It would be ideal if they just understood to keep the panelists (co-hosts) on the first screen, or on all screens would be even better.

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