Aurora buys Blackmore -- almost a rebuke to Musk

The Blackmore LIDAR impressed me when I drove around Las Vegas with it earlier this year.

Last Month Elon Musk declared LIDAR was doomed. Yesterday, Aurora (startup formed by leaders from Google/Waymo, Tesla and Uber) which already has a $2B valuation buys Blackmore, a LIDAR company with a super-duper LIDAR which sees far and sees the Doppler (speed) of what it senses. In other words, the two sides of the LIDAR vs. Cameras debate are doubling down on their bets, and the stakes keep going up.

Read about the value of FMCW LIDAR, which sees Doppler, in Aurora buys Blackmore -- almost a rebuke to Musk


From your article: "Doppler's not perfect. It doesn't measure motion from side to side. That's why Tesla's LIDARs did not see the transport trucks moving across the road in front of them, resulting in the deaths of two Tesla owners."

Did you mean to say Tesla's Radars instead of Tesla's LIDARs? Your earlier articles indicate that Tesla doesn't use LIDAR.

Fixed, thanks. Not sure what to call it when your brain spits out the wrong word instead of just a wrong letter. Not a typo really. Just know it happens more often as you get older.

It was only two wrong letters, so a double typo. Similar to a double unicorn, I guess :)

Do you know if Aurora paid in cash or stock? Also, it wasn't clear to me if you are saying Waymo's lidar is also 1550 nm or just that it can see long range like a 1550 nm unit.

People like driving their car. It is fun.
Why dump the fun for little reason and lots of expense.

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