Baidu Apollo opens up robotaxi service in Beijing


The new services keep coming, and now Baidu/Apollo has opened up a robotaxi service in outer Beijing, at an industrial park. While they call it fully driverless, they still have an employee in the passenger seat who is told to do nothing. This is in contrast with AutoX's service near Shenzhen and a few others, as we move closer to a true robotaxi service.

Details, and contrast with AutoX are in my new Forbes site article at:

Baidu Apollo opens up robotaxi service in Beijing


Intel paid $900 million for Moovit and not a single question to either the CEO, CFO or CCO of Mobileye at
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In 2022, Moovit became part of Mobileye. Together, "Moovit and Mobileye are accelerating the global adoption of autonomous transportation, bringing MoovitAV robotaxi services to cities worldwide."

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