New post: The in car experience of the robocar will be quite minimalist


I have started doing some of my posts on They invited me to contribute and I felt it is worth finding out if it extends my reach. For now, I will link to posts here, and eventually I will perhaps build a special RSS feed to combine the posts I do there with the ones here to make it easy for readers.

This is what everybody does today when they travel.

For my first one, I talk about the "in car experience" of the robocar. A lot of people think it's going to be very fancy, and expensive, and they're going to make it. I think the reality is it's going to be minimalist and mostly people will stare at the phones (or have their phones control a screen or speakers.) This is what I see everywhere you see people travel who aren't driving.

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I think you might want to adjust the language slightly when writing on forbes. For example, using the verb 'slave' to mean "place a device under the control of another" is not too likely to confuse readers on your blog, but on a generalist website like Forbes there's a higher chance that it'll puzzle some people, or make them uncomfortable.

Glad to see your robocar writing will be getting a wider audience. Pretty much agree with all your points. I don't think there's a bonanza waiting for providers of in car accessories or experience either.
I think there's much better pickings repurposing existing businesses or assets that robocars disrupt.
Until it get's passe, I reckon a parking building would make a great go car track :)

I'll be curious to see how you find publishing on I have found the articles there to be generally mediocre, and frequently used as a way for consultants and executives to find new business or improve their personal brand – to the extent where I mentally discount links as being less reliable.

Have you considered starting a newsletter? It wouldn't increase your audience but it might increase the 'read rate', given that fewer and fewer people use RSS these days.

Figured out would see how it works. I've seen it work for some people. A lot of folks use Medium it seems, though I am not sure what that gets for you. Yes, RSS and blogging in general are in some trouble. Forbes invited me so I thought i would give it a try. I am going to make it seamless here in a bit.

I know Forbes also has "brands" posting and I presume they pay, which is not ideal.

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