Tesla removes ultrasonic sensors and disables parking features, something only Tesla could do


Tesla announced that new model 3 and Y vehicles delivered will no longer have the 12 ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers. They also disabled park assist and auto-park along with summon and the useless smart summon in these new cars, but promise those features will return soon as they work out how to do them with the cameras and software.

That's a remarkable move that no other auto OEM would do. Why have they done it and will it work? Read about it in a new Forbes site column at

Tesla removes ultrasonic sensors and disables parking features, something only Tesla could do


Musk told a post-earnings call on Wednesday that all FSD users in North America will get an upgraded version at the end of the year...
... drivers would rarely have to touch the controls.

"The car will be able to take you from your home to your work, your friend's house, the grocery store without you touching the wheel," he said.

Musk also said Tesla hopes to provide an update to FSD in 2023 to show regulators that the car is much safer than the average human.

europe dot autonews dot com/automakers/tesla-flags-its-cars-are-not-ready-be-approved-full-autonomous-year

So it's hard to know what credence to put to such predictions.

Waymo ramped up AV driving in SF ~1.5 yrs ago, yet have only launched crewed AV ridehail in SF.

Passengers legally in an uncrewed Waymo in California are for AV "testing" per CA_DMV not CPUC ridehail.

www dot reddit dot com/user/aniccia/

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Musk said during a call with investors on Oct. 19 following Tesla’s third-quarter earnings release. Apple and Saudi Aramco are currently the world’s two most valuable companies, worth $2.3 trillion and $2.1 trillion respectively. Per Musk’s claim, Tesla could be worth more than $4.4 trillion one day, nearly seven times its current market cap.

A company which pulls off an all-roads able robotaxi, which he thinks they will do any day now, would be worth that. A company would produces a $20,000 fully capable humanoid robot would be worth more than that. He thinks both those things are soon.

All roads is unachievable.

You think that and I think that and most other people think that. But he says he believes otherwise, so that means he is being consistent if he forecasts Tesla will have it.

I'm cancelling my model Y order because of this! My order was based on the features that would be provided, including enhanced auto-pilot (parking assist, auto-park, summon, etc.). They took a non-refundable deposit and then announced they are taking away the USS and these enhanced features, several which are standard on many modern EVs, especially at this price point. I didn't sign up to pay this much money to be a guinea pig for something that has been taken away for a promise of something that might be good enough in the future. Not getting the new system working before removing the old system is a terrible move. This move has angered both current owners and prospective buyers alike. Many have said they will look at non-Tesla options for their next EV. Other auto makers are catching up and Tesla will start losing significant EV market share by 2024.

I suspect you could demand your deposit back and win a suit (that costs you much more than your deposit.) But I would wait to see what the case is on your delivery date. In particular, right now a used model Y sells for more than a new one, and if you get yours before too long, a new model Y delivered today will make you a fat profit, even without auto-park.

The three consultants to California were Stanford Law School affiliate scholar Bryant Walker Smith, Edge Case Research CEO Michael Wagner and University of California transporation research engineer Steven Shladover.

Valeo Group announces company has produced its 10 millionth front camera system integrating Mobileye EyeQ technology at its Wemding site in Germany (Bavaria).

Valeo and Mobileye are now focused on the integration of the latest generation of the Mobileye SoC into the Valeo front camera system and also into Valeo’s cutting edge centralized computer and software.

"In 2023, Valeo will produce an additional 9 million front cameras worldwide. By 2030, almost 90% of new vehicles will be equipped with this technology, and the ADAS content per vehicle will double.”

The ADAS market is expected to grow by 17% per year to reach 60 billion euros in 2030.

I have just purchased 2 x tsal y and they have no reversing sensors, we were not told this on the purchase handover and spent some time looking at the internet to see what’s going on, I understand that the new Tesla vision may be better than the sensors but the bottom line is its not available as yet, and i can find lots off blogs saying the sensors are removed but no blogs on when we are getting the tesla vision to replace this, they should have had the tesla vision working before they removed the sensors, and now i have a car with no sensors, so what to do ??? i definitely cant let the wife drive it .

Countuary to the author I believe it is wholly unacceptable for tesla to remove a basic safety feature from the car. This was a feature listed at the time of sale, in the many months I waited for delivery I was not warned that the sensor was to be removed, I was not warned when I picked up the car, and I have not been compensated for its absence. Tesla has deceived its customers. I believe this dishonest action by tesla is illegal and dangerous.
Furthermore I do not believe any substitute system could ever be made available with the layout and installation of cameras on the car, so I have no faith that tesla can ever restore the same functionality because it is physically impossible

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