Tesla Did Introduce The Model 2 This Week At $29,000, But Kept It Quiet


Tesla’s “Investor Day” caused much disappointment — even tanking Tesla stock — because there was no big announcement as expected, notably of their new low-cost, next generation vehicle. However, they actually let out a number of important details abut the vehicle, most of what you need to know — other than when you will be able to buy it. I calculate the list price of the new car will be around $29,000 -- under $17,000 with rebates in some states.

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new VW Scout plant
$2 billion
200,000 yearly vehicles
4,000 jobs
1,100 acres for plant
1,600 acres site

new Tesla Mexico plant
$5 billion
one million vehicles
5,000 jobs
4,200 acres site

VW: 4,000 to make 200,000, $2 bil
Tes: 5,000 to make 1,000,000, $5 bil

battery production ?

Tesla eventual investment could eventually be $10 billion and 10,000 people ($5 billion and 5,000 initially). Although the specifics are unknown, it may involve both the manufacture of vehicles and other components like drivetrains and battery cells.

GM workers making trucks in Mexico $27 per 'day'.
GM workers in the U.S. from $18 to $32 per 'hour'.

Mexico may be 7,000 jobs to make 1,000,000 vehicles instead of 5,000.

GM’s EV Push Stalls Amid Slow Rollouts. Mary Barra has called 2023 a breakout year for the company’s electric-vehicle push. It is off to a slow start.

Why is it always Tesla. I own a model 3. I also own a 2023 Hyundai Kona that for less the $30k has autopilot equivalent to that of my Tesla. How come we never hear of other car brands with autopilot?

Yes, several brands now have that sort of system, though only a few rival Tesla's quality. Tesla's Autopilot quality has actually stood still largely while they put all effort into FSD. The next release is supposed to switch AP to being based on the FSD code.

I think there are many reasons for the prominence, though:

  • Tesla thinks about cars like a computer company, and car companies still haven't grokked that, and this attracts many buyers
  • The charging network. If you want to do road trips it was barely possible in non-Teslas a couple of years ago, and it's still a major downgrade of experience today, though you can at least do it.
  • The allure and hype of what's coming with FSD. Which may never come but no other company tries to tell you that you can buy something like that as an add-on some day for the car you buy now.
  • The (now reduced) stream of new features that come to Teslas while you own them.

Your recent article references a $7500 federal tax credit being applied to the cost of ownership. How can that be true. Tesla has sold too many vehicles to apply the tax credit for electric vehicles.

But it was the big story of last year that those credits were restructured and restored for any North American made car with non-Chinese batteries. (phase in on the last part)

“The desire for people to own a Tesla is extremely high. The limiting factor is their ability to pay for a Tesla,” Elon Musk noted.

Tesla will cut assembly costs by half in future generations of cars

Tesla will be capable of building an EV for around $20,000.

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