Mercedes promotes Drive Pilot standby driver ("Level 3") system


Mercedes has been promoting the new Drive Pilot system in high end models. Equipped with LIDAR, it will do the full driving task on freeways in traffic jams in daytime good weather.

In this new article I discuss whether the so-called "level" 3 (or any of the levels) make sense, and what this product means, good and bad.

See more at the Forbes site at Mercedes Drive Pilot Lets Driver Play Video Games In Traffic Jams, Is It A Big Deal?


How many sales estimated in the two states with this option of Level 3, in the low hundreds, maybe 200 or 300?

But presumably a stepping stone for them to other states. But they did the work to build it for Germany, why not be able to sell it in California?

Not much discussion on the European Union (EU) draft version of its legislation for vehicles with an Automated Driving System (ADS).

The EU Proposes a Type-Assessment Approval TAA for AVs.

If TAA were enacted in the US, it would be a very unpopular decision for the US OEMs, ...

... and they would likely put up a big fight to stop it. Perhaps it is a question that needs a lot of discussion .... EETimes

Closing thoughts by the reporter

The EU ADS legislation draft address all AV use cases including personal AVs and makes it a very ambitious and impactful regulation proposal. It specifies the ADS requirements and performance for auto OEMs and service providers, but not what technology to use. The ODD of the ADS will determine AV use cases.

The descriptions of how an ADS assessment will be performed are very complete and is likely to generate many sleepless nights for several AV engineers and executives. The M&S section is particularly impressive from my perspective and is likely to impact how the AV industry uses simulation and modelling across the board for designing, developing, testing, and deploying ADS vehicles.

Unlike the EU, The U.S. does not use type–approval procedures to determine if a vehicle can be sold. Rather, each auto OEM self–certifies that a vehicle model is ready for safe use and sale. Hence the type–approval procedures will have limited direct impact for vehicles sold in the U.S. But the indirect impact will be substantial as U.S. OEMs will participate in the European ADS market segments and will need type–approval.

After reading more on the EU proposal from a Michael DeKort medium blog, this subject is not easy to digest without adequate investment of effort. Self certification is a subject best left for the Phil Koopman, Michael DeKort and expert crowd.

On a sidenote, is ArgoAI publically going after Tesla?

U.S. OEMs who participate in the European ADS market segments will need type–approval.

Annex 2 - ADS performance requirements specifications
Annex 3 - ADS compliance assessment specifications

Starts September 2022 for new type models?

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